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lmao some giant baby man in australia is having a cry because he's not allowed to say the n-word and he wants "equality" in discrimination laws. too bad he's the actual fucking Human Rights Commissioner tho.


Racists always think they found some genius loophole when they point out that discrimination laws don’t affect all people equally. Hey, fuckheads, guess what, if discrimination affected everyone equally, it wouldn’t be discrimination, you fucking idiots.

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Here in Australia, this is what has been happening over the past few days. The media is largely ignoring it, despite it being one of the largest protests in this country’s history. My state has also just passed laws that will come into effect in September that put restrictions on protesting which could lead to two years imprisonment. Our Prime Minister won’t even acknowledge that this has been happening.

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Please get this circulating. Australian media refuses to cover it and the government is pretending it didn’t happen even though there were people on their doorsteps at Parliament house. People in Australia are discontented with the way asylum seekers are treated like criminals, indigenous people are still being treated horribly, that our prime minister is a racist, sexist, homophobe who appointed himself as Minister for Women, that our health care is threatened, that our environment is being treated as a commodity, that our university funding is being cut, and that our Prime Minister doesn’t “believe” in climate change and that this country now only caters to the rich and conservative. And that barely scratches the surface.

What this government does is not in our name and we need to get the message out there, loud and clear.

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